Monday, October 11, 2021


America is NOT a Christian country.

America is NOT a religious country.
In America the separation of Church and State set forth in the Constitution is absolute.
America equally welcomes members of all religions and those with no religion.
No one religion, denomination or sect, or its specific beliefs, is preferred over other religions, denominations or sects.  And the religious are not preferred over the non-religious.
And most definitely the specific religious beliefs of an individual religion, denomination or sect must NEVER be legislated.
Legislating specific religious beliefs is especially contrary to conservative political philosophy and policy.  The basic fundamental tenet of conservative political philosophy is limited government, and the protection and maximizing individual rights.  True conservatives believe that the government should have minimal involvement in the personal and business life of the individual.  The so-called “evangelicals” of the “Christian right” want the government to tell individuals how to live their lives.
Religious beliefs may motivate involvement in politics as a practice of good citizenship and a way to help one’s fellow man (or woman), and the religious can preach the gospel, or their version or interpretation of the gospel, to those who will listen, but the religious cannot force those of different beliefs, or no beliefs, to live their lives according to the specific individual beliefs and rules of their specific religion, denomination or sect.

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